Keep your product fresh and flavorful with these film and packaging solutions.

  • Bags plain or printed and on a roll or wicketed; bags for breads, buns, and cookies, muffins and pies. Barrier materials for cookies, cakes, sandwich breads, hot dog and hamburger buns; confectionary products. Barrier properties to protect your product’s high value. FDA-approval of our bags and films and speciality laminated films for packaging frozen fruits and vegetables for retail or food service applications. High-resolution graphics and identity graphics in retail-ready packaging for shelf appeal. Our freezer-grade films are pliable and protective, keeping your products fresh and safe at low temperatures.
  • Stand-up Pouch packaging for top-quality product presentation, convenience for the consumer with easy open and reclosable features and excellent shelf presence. High Clarity packaging for end-user appeal.
  • Printed rollstock designed for automated high-speed packaging on vertical and horizontal form, fill, and seal equipment (VFFS/HFFS). Printed rollstock and laminated film with barrier properties to protect candy. Horizontal packaging: muffins, cakes, brownies, cookies, energy bars, vertical packaging: snacks: pretzels, chips, tortilla chips; specialty foods; bagged cereals, candy Vertical FFS for shellfish that go on to resale, bulk, or food service packaging frozen tuna, halibut, or swordfish vacuum packs and Portion packs for frozen fish including haddock and salmon.
  • Bag-in-box applications for bulk packaging of baked products(Fresh or frozen) butter, oils. High density films for manual and automatic packaging equipment in both gusseted tubing and premade formats offering superior quality, consistency.
  • Folding cartons for frozen seafood products including scallops and shrimp. Thermoform containers which increase shelf life; protect muffins, donuts, and cookies as well as keeping fresh herbs and spices from being crushed. Reclosable tops or lids and tamper evident packaging corrugated shipping cases for case packing of your final product.