Construction & Landscape Products

Finneus offers ultra-strength packaging designed for the demanding nature of the building and construction industry. Whether you’re looking for simple monolayer bags for your product or need high-strength films with barrier protection, we offer durable solutions for your landscape products.

  • Premade Bags -Thick, puncture-proof, multi-layer for concrete, cement, and sand. Polybags and printed rollstock designed for packaging firewood, bark, and mulch manufactured with high-quality, tough materials for a demanding application. High-resolution printed bags and films with barrier properties for fertilizer and other chemical applications. Our ultra-strength bags maintain integrity throughout the packaging process, resistant to ripping and tearing and protect both the product and environment.
  • Bag-in-box applications for joint compound, gypsum and wallboard industry; High density films for both manual and automatic packaging equipment in both gusseted tubing and premade formats offering superior quality, and consistency.
  • Thermoform containers, cartons, and pre-made bags for bulk packaging of screws, nails, nuts, and bolts.
  • Our high-strength bags and rigid poly containers offer durability and customer appeal for ice melt, feed, seed, and grains.