Green Packaging

Green Packaging

Finneus is a leader in biodegradable, compostable green packaging for food and general goods. If your company’s goal is to use environmentally friendly packaging we can help: we’re constantly striving to offer products that help our customers reduce, reuse, and recycle.


  • Our flexible packaging is lighter, which reduces the cost of shipping based on the reduced weight of packaging.
  • By reducing the volume of your packaging, for example, from glass jar packaging to bags, you save on transportation, fuel use, and storage.


  • We offer a range of reusable plastic and fibreboard rigid packaging, including boxes, and shipping containers. Come to us with the specifications you need for your green packaging initiative.


  • Recyclable films: If your business follows a reduce, reuse, recycle policy, you’ll want to focus on films that are compostable and biodegradable. We offer films, which do just that. Our EarthFine premade compostable bags are certified for home composting. These bags are processed with wood pulp, a renewable resource, and are manufactured to break down within 180 days.

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